Guest Bloggers Wanted!

One of my goals for the New Year is to highlight writing and different perspectives in the blogosphere. I’ve read so many amazing personal essays on your pages and I’d love to showcase your work. If you have a blog post or a personal essay about something you’ve learned in a relationship, if you’ve felt […]

I Never Thought It Was THAT BAD

I’ve been working on this personal piece for months, debating whether to come out with my story or keep silent. With all that is happening in our world, I’ve decided I need to speak up and share my own story, so maybe, hopefully others won’t feel the need to silence themselves. Please take a read.

A note: though this is most definitely not holiday related, I debated putting it up now, and then remembered that good and bad things in life happen all the time.

Holiday Pressure Cooker

Not only is Thanksgiving upon us, but many people have great stress due to the election results. Some are happy with the President-elect, but feel anxious to eat their meals across the table from opposing political party members. Sounds silly for many, but to put this in perspective, those who grieve loss experience an unfathomable […]

When You Want To Say F* It

The bad days you experience feel so terrible you might want to give up. Is that the best choice? Is it the only choice? You also have the crazy fantasies of your life being different, but remember what’s really happening. How do you handle it?

What Is Beauty?

I recently met a photographer who invited me to update my head shots and do a few looks. Thinking it sounded fun, but not knowing if I needed to do this, I took a few days to consider what I wanted and to peruse her portfolio. Turns out, she has photographed over one thousand women […]