Let’s Make It Official

When do you make it “official”? Is your relationship only official when it’s posted on Facebook? Maybe that depends on your age and social media presence. Is it official when you decide to sleep together? In this day, a resounding “NO!” came across the phone line on our recent Sex, Love, Etc. convo-cast. Is it […]

Endings And Goodbyes

Some endings are tough for me. Actually, let me be honest. Most endings are challenging for me. And, writing an ending to individual blog posts can be the most challenging aspect of writing. Often, telling (or writing) a story, I feel compelled to give a thorough background, replete with relationships and descriptions of how I felt, then […]

Good Men Project and IndieGoGo

I was approached by a Good Men Project editor, Jeremy McKeen, around January 2016. We started talking about all sorts of topics I wasn’t having with anyone else. We were emailing about love, relationships, passion, balancing time and dating in cities. Jeremy believed in me and encouraged me to submit my writing to GMP. Nervously, […]