About Nina Rubin

I’ve always been aware that friends and strangers alike often tell me very personal stories and secrets, some of which are heartbreaking anecdotes about loss, defeat, failure, and setback.   In looking at the state of our culture today, I’ve noticed that there’s hardly room for people to express these seemingly taboo topics without sounding like crybabies or complainers.  I’m writing this blog to give space to people who’ve experienced setbacks.

I am trained as a Psychotherapist in Gestalt Therapy, with a focus on movement and relational connections.  I live and work in Los Angeles, CA.  I enjoy the being in the sun, CrossFit, baking and cooking, travel, and learning about people.

All of the interviews on my blog are personal accounts from people who have expressly given me permission to write their stories.  If you’re interested in telling yours, please contact me.

Also, visit my website at ninarubintherapy.com.

Thank you!


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