Practice makes fun

    I got a lot of feedback that last week’s post (Missing you) was very sad. You’re right. It was, and I was sad, thoughtful and real. Well my week got more fun and I decided to lighten it up with a lighter topic. 

My wonderful friend, Naz, just got home from a tango trip in Argentina. She told me stories of the milongas and dance lessons, the late nights, and the culture. Immediately I felt jealous and wished I had been on the adventure. I digress. 

I want to start taking bachata or tango lessons. So Naz asked if I  want to do this for fun or to get good. I replied, “is there much difference?” To me, more fun is had when skill improves. 

I think back to my five years of CrossFit. The first six months were grueling exercises in simply trying to differentiate between a snatch and a clean. My next six months were spent thinking that I finally understood what was going on (and finally perfecting the double under), leading to four more years of steady improvement and a realization that as I excelled, there was a direct correlation to the amount of fun I  had. Perhaps this is why I practiced for so long! Classes and relationships deepened and it got to be more fun. 

And now as I embark on learning scrabble and growing my businesses, I realize that with each milestone, more fun is being had! I realize that practice doesn’t only make perfect, it makes fun! Achieving goals and finding small successes is fun! 

Soon my food line will be launching officially. My close friends know about this, but I’ve stayed pretty private about it to the public. In my kitchen, I tinker and toil and make delicious edible creations that will soon go to market. This week has been exciting as I work on logos and test dessert treats. I’ve found new vendors to buy supplies, new potential markets to introduce my products, and ways to market and differentiate myself from others. It’s been a solitary operation so far — and I hope it doesn’t stay that way for long. As I practice by myself, my pride for my growth also expands. However, I believe that ideas and products are best created with a team. 

Even so, this excitement in my heart is spreading and it feels great! While I keep doing all the necessary steps to build a new business, it keeps getting more interesting and more fun.

I’ll let you know when the launch happens! Meanwhile, I’ll be practicing and enjoying the fun ride.

Please visit Coaching By Nina Rubin for information on working with me. 

8 thoughts on “Practice makes fun

  1. So glad to hear all this. Practice does not make perfect. I’ve been practicing for over sixty years, but I’m still having fun at it. Take care.


    • Thank you, Jim! The word practice is interesting. In law and so many other professions, we are “practicing”, but for what? When do we feel like we have achieved? Life and practice must be kept fun!!


  2. All true and good. Practice does make fun! I kind of see that as two ideas. 1. Practicing and getting to the point of being good at something makes doing that thing more fun in the end. 2. The process of getting better at something should be fun too! I like getting good at things, and yet, I often lose sight of the fun factor in the process if I start to put pressure on myself to get good at it! No pressure, all fun.


    • NR, I also sometimes forget to have fun in the process. And that’s the very purpose of the thing I’m doing! Good reminder to reduce the pressure and increase the fun!


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