Initiating Change

“Change occurs when one becomes what [she] is, not when [she] tries to become what [she] is not. –Arnold Beisser, M.D.

Change is a funny thing.

Much of the time, we crave something new, something different, something better, and we work really hard to go after it. We do little things like cut and color our hair or shop for a new, trendy dress. Occasionally, we take a vacation to an exotic locale like France or Bali and meet locals while sipping spirits and pretending to live there. We might even move to Austin or Seattle and realize how the people are so much more down to earth there than, say, New Yorkers or Angelenos….

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One thought on “Initiating Change

  1. Wonderful article on Best Kept Self… this really resonated with me. Standing firmly in your own two shoes… that’s when change happens. Love it. x


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