The Best Way To Get Unstuck

What do you do when your mind spins out, when you keep ruminating on the same topic without any clarity? How do you let go when you’re not really sure what you’re holding onto? What if everything you’re grasping is slipping through your slippery fingers while you try to tighten your grip? Sometimes that thing is so abstract, a concept you’re not quite able to articulate but you know and feel it soulfully. Other times, the problematic thing relates to your job, your relationship, an ex, a current crush, family dynamics, or your self image. The constant nagging wears you down to the point where you may even feel exasperated with your own process.

So what’s the best way to move forward? Can you move forward when you’re in this loopy pattern?

To find out how to get unstuck, please read the rest of my article on Best Kept Self!

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