My Year In Review

This is the end of 2015. What a year, and it’s ending with a bang! I think it’s really helpful to reflect on the past year before setting intentions for the upcoming year.

As I reflect back, I’m drawn to a few key moments that have been powerful, insightful, fun, and profound.

Here are some of the meaningful moments for me:

  • I’ve lived outside of Los Angeles for a full year. I’ve done a lot of driving up the 405 for clients and friends. I still maintain that I miss my people a ton and I like having more space while paying less in rent. For now, I’m staying put, but will revisit this soon to determine where my next move will be.
  • My coaching practice has grown immensely and I’m forever grateful to my clients, my well-wishers, and my referrers. I see my clients’ growth and take pride in their accomplishments as if it were my own.
  • I was offered a role as an advice columnist for The Tattooed Buddha. Please write in with confidential questions to
  • I’ve taken a new interest in Judaism and have learned about historical (and modern) concepts. This has proven to be thought-provoking and surprisingly uplifting for my soul.
  • Taking four big trips in eight weeks was incredible, as were the people with whom I traveled. I’ve been reminded that if I can, say yes and go! It’s super important to travel lightly and be open to new experiences (I wrote about this in my blog about pirates and forging new ground).
  • Playing Scrabble in Huntington Beach has proven to be a great way to keep my mind sharp and gain mastery at a game that’s so fun!
  • I’ve taken over 150 yoga classes this year, and I can finally call myself a yogini. Yoga, in conjunction with swimming, running, and weight training has become my go-to exercise regime and I know in 2016 I’ll finally get my long-awaited handstand. The headstand with Ranmalee was one of my best days!
  • I’ve met some amazing new people. My Scrabble mentor, Dr. Poder, has not only taught me about discipline on the board, but he’s been a giant cheerleader for me. I have a new dear friend who lives near me, and is a special soul. Then there are people with whom I’ve been reacquainted after three years or others with whom I traveled through state borders who had a major impact on me. Some of these people are in the soulmate category, people whom I have been waiting to meet my whole life and for whatever purpose, they arrived at this time.
  • There are old friends, my family and perfect souls for me. You know who you are. Food adventures have been awesome with you, as have beaches, sunshine, and simply long phone conversations.
  • I experienced anger, sadness, even dire numbness when I realized that things don’t and won’t always work out the way I want. My head and heart are sometimes aligned, and other times, they’re at odds.
  • This blog has been huge for me. I’ve committed to writing weekly since February and now have a total of 49 posts!

There is a lot to be thankful for, and I’m glad my health is on track and my heart is open. I see the world openly and listen to what people are really saying. Here’s to the next year! Please keep reading for new posts.

Happy 2016.


7 thoughts on “My Year In Review

  1. Nina-
    Your blog of today brought tears to my eyes. You have grown so much and your ability to see it and acknowledge it makes this so much more significant.
    You know who this is from!!!


  2. Great reflection on 2015, Nina. It sounds like it’s been a year of great growth for you! Looking forward to your next blog 🙂


  3. Hi Nina,
    This is my first time reading a blog of yours, but I will be following you. It seems you have made a lot of progress in 2015 that you should be proud of. I hope that this year for me will turn out great because I have a lot of great things I want to accomplish. 😀


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