New Mexico

This week has been awesome, thanks to Daily Bliss Yoga! I’ve been co-leading a women’s empowerment retreat for young women from Denver Academy in Santa Fe. I’ll be writing about it more about my role as a coach next week. 

A native New Mexican, being in Sanra Fe has been a fabulous choice for a retreat. The food, art, and culture has lent itself to being creative in nature and drawing inspiration while being present and open. 

Enjoy a sampling of some pictures from this retreat. I’ll return next week with a post. 




cherry blossoms in bloom
the mural at Santa Fe Cooking School
we made dream catchers!
We rode horses!
Broken Saddle
The Basilica of St. Francis Asisi
The chocolate selection at Kakawa!
Me, while riding a horse.
Mosaic stairs
Broken Saddle Horse Facility

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