G-Spots and Women’s Pleasure

If you’ve been following my blog, you know I don’t usually write about sex. It’s a topic I’ve avoided, thinking it’s too personal, yet one of my favorite things to talk about. When I started doing the A to Z Blogging Challenge, I created a list of topics that seemed interesting and appropriate for me to consider. When I go to the letter “G,” I was underwhelmed. Brainstorming, I thought about words that begin with the letter G and the concept of pleasure, and duh! It hit me over the head: the G-Spot.

I’m not going to teach you how to find a G-Spot (but at the end of the article, there is a great link about it). Today I’m talking about how communication and trust is super important in the bedroom in order to help a woman achieve ecstatic delight in conjunction with her G-Spot.

In intimate relationships, I’m very open and adventurous. My friends and I have discussed many aspects of sex, but the conversation doesn’t often go beyond the what and into the how. I believe that most people are not only looking to receive pleasure, but really want to find the best ways to satisfy their partners. I’ve come to realize that pleasure isn’t just about technique, it’s about intention and energy. Sex can be great as a result of the connection you have with each other.

A strong connection brings another type of intimacy that supersedes the physical. Communication and trust are key to pleasure, and when you notice you and your partner connecting on intimate emotional levels, it’s likely that your sex life will improve greatly.

Many women struggle in the arena of receiving pleasure. Here are a few tips.

How to receive pleasure:

  • Adopt a receiving mindset that your partner is trying to please you, not criticize you.
  • When your partner compliments you, know that it’s genuine.
  • Remember that you are deserving of this pleasure. There’s no shame in enjoying sex.
  • You’re not weird to like sex, and it’s okay to want more of it. You’re human.
  • Have fun! It’s not rocket science.
  • Be vocal! Tell your partner when it feels amazing!
  • Give yourself ample time to luxuriate in the moment.
  • Thank your partner. Be gracious and generous with compliments. I find that complimenting my partner is a sure-fire way to get more of what I like.
  • If you would like your partner to do something else, or need a tweak, show them by repositioning yourself or by guiding their hands, mouths, or other parts. You know what feels great.
  • Remember, this is fun!

And here are some further tips for how to give a woman pleasure.

How to pleasure to a woman:

  • Foster a mindset that you’re there to give pleasure. This is about her right now.
  • The more pleasure she receives, the more likely she will be to reciprocate in kind.
  • Many women feel incredibly self-conscious about their bodies and need validation about their sexiness. Partners, give authentic compliments!
  • Foreplay! Foreplay! Foreplay! Excite her and tease her senses.
  • Remind her that you love pleasing her!
  • Pay attention to her sounds. Women will express their pleasure with eye contact, sounds and movements. All you have to do is be present!
  • Don’t be stingy. Instead, how much more can you give?
  • Touch her delicate parts with gentleness, unless otherwise noted.
  • Kind of like middle school when you were first learning about the “bases,” many women still like an order to sex. Like the foreplay comment above, don’t rush to the target. Rather, take your time to get there eventually. Linger longer.
  • Her body doesn’t lie.
  • Keep having fun!

Sex is extremely individualized, personal, private, and sometimes even uncomfortable to talk about. Harness your collective energy and use it to give pleasure. So, when thinking about the G-Spot, help yourself and your partner feel safe by taking a deep breath and allowing a calm feeling to wash over you. Sex is a natural part of life and is something I hope you enjoy.

“How to find the G-Spot,” from My Tiny Secrets, can be found here.

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