Why I Say Yes

I want to say YES to so many things. In fact, I even went to a summer camp retreat weekend a few summers ago called The Life of Yes! I truly want to do everything. 

Despite my wishes of wanting to be open and having every experience, I can’t do it all. It’s just not possible. One of the thorns in my side is that I don’t want to miss out on experiences, so I say yes without fully considering all of the demands and consequences related to the yes. I’m working on this. 

Saying yes means I am connected to the world. I don’t live in a bubble or walk with my head low. Instead, I’m proud and trying to be part of something. 

Saying yes helps me have interesting conversations and go on unique adventures, like Petra, Jordan, as I wrote about yesterday

Saying yes means more love and passion for the things I do and the people I know. Having a yes attitude made it so my dream of having a popup brunch* is a reality. Saying yes meant that when I met someone, we discussed our feelings and felt the same way. Yes helped us pursue something great. 

Saying yes helps me maintain an optimistic attitude about the future. It also helps me stay close to the present by realizing that right now it’s like this. I don’t have to read into things unnecessarily. Rather, I can have a yes mindset without strong attachment to outcomes and how things should be. 

Saying yes makes me smile more than saying no. I like to affirm and consent to opportunities. It’s exciting when new things show up on my radar. It makes me happy!

Saying yes means I get positive feedback from my clients, and that feels awesome. 

Saying yes is easier than saying no. But I have to be careful and not overcommit myself. I have to weigh my options. I still work on slowing down. And I still say yes. 

Try it. 

*This is our awesome brunch! If you’re in the Los Angeles area, come out and say hi, even if you can’t eat.   

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