Of Course, You’ve Seen Star Wars

I have a revelation to make. I’ve been sitting on this secret for a long time, and have told only a handful of close friends. Sometimes, it’s brought me embarrassment while other times, I’ve felt isolated from popular culture. It’s okay if you judge me. I’ve had plenty of people stare at me with surprise and awe, even pity when I’ve admitted this.

OK, here goes:

I’ve never seen the Star Wars franchise of movies.

Well, it’s possible I saw the original one, now entitled, Star Wars: A New Hope, when I was a kid, but in all honesty, I don’t remember it. I know, or rather I’ve heard, how they’re poetic, Shakespearean stories with important life lessons. One of my friends has bought beautiful art in the Star Wars theme. He has figurines, shirts, books, and really neat hand-painted, custom art hanging in his living room. He’s not alone in his fandom; people across the world are crazy for this franchise. I don’t know if it’s always been this big a trend, or just now, with the new “episodes.” Since Disney has owned the franchise, it’s definitely had an insurgence in popularity and a giant infusion of money, as evidenced by the new construction of rides at Disneyland and the skyrocketing merchandise sales.

I spoke to some of my friends who loooovvveee Star Wars and this is what I learned: The movies are fun! They are the ultimate cross-generational films and the characters are strong and motivational. The fantasy aspect is great, as is the storyline. One friend revealed that if you’re a traditionalist, the films from the 90s and early 2000s (the prequels) aren’t so great, and can be skipped, but the new one is stand-on-its-own good. He also said the special effects are unique. The biggest comment I got across the board was “watching Star Wars films reminds people of being a kid.” They say there’s a sense of awe and wonder, and watching the movies is nostalgic, even sentimental. One of the coolest things I learned in talking to super fans is they’ve purchased the films and have marathons to show their children. And, their children have become fans, as well.

Living in the world, I’ve obviously heard of Darth Vader, Han Solo, Princess Leia, R2D2, and Yoda (among other characters). But, the other day, I saw a guy wearing a shirt that read “Judge me by my size, do you?” and I didn’t realize it was a Yoda-ism until people pointed it out and laughed about it. I just thought the guy was self-conscious about his height. Shrug. I guess I’m missing out on the wisdom of Yoda.

So, why haven’t I seen them?

Clearly, I haven’t lived under a rock. My theory is I need to see the original three movies, and it seems like an overwhelming commitment. I don’t own them and they’re not on cable (and I don’t have cable, either), so basically, I need (want) someone to watch them with me. Thus, committing to watching all of them feels like a tall order. Frankly, I also thought Star Wars was a “boy movie,” or movies geared to young men, and didn’t have characters to whom women or girls could relate. I’ve thought the action scenes would be a turn off. Let’s be real: I’m finding excuses and I’m being lazy. I wish I had a parent or friend who’d sit me down and say, “Nina, we’re watching these movies over the next month.” Then, I’d do it and find out what all the hubbub is about. And I’d report back with my opinions to you, and my shame would probably melt away for not having seen them earlier.

—Oh and “May the force be with you.”

I’m a Life Coach and can be found at Coaching By Nina Rubin. My last post was all about my recent brunch success and is entitled “The Process of Success.” This photograph was taken by Z Penguin Designs at “The Happiest Place On Earth” aka Disneyland.



3 thoughts on “Of Course, You’ve Seen Star Wars

  1. One of my favorite stories was when my best friend out here showed it to his ex-wife, who was German, and hadn’t seen it either. As the movie was beginning, she asked, “when did this movie come out?” To which he replied, “1977.” Her response? “I was two.” I thought that was hilarious.

    And for the record, I’d see it with you, but truth be known, in the light of adulthood, I don’t think you’re missing much. IMO Star Wars… eh, let’s avoid that lecture. I outgrew it, I think, plus it changed significantly since I grew up with it. Back then “a franchise” meant something different than it does now. Now it’s literally just a line item on Disney’s balance sheet that they have to exploit (actual business term) or else it becomes a liability. Not having a business degree when I grew up with it, that didn’t bother me like it does now.


  2. …… hi, thank you for sharing this confession, you would be surprised to find, just like the emperor’s new clothes, how many people actually watch Star Wars, yea some do with a zeal that’s almost religious and they debate deep intellectual wisdom about the force and all that, not to mention Disney cashing in fueling the madness ….frankly I in my humble opinion I think its a Lil bit overrated Ha! you are not missing anything life changing about life, the force and everything else, you can tell, I am not much of a fan, I only watched because…., friends, *sigh * sometimes you ask yourself who needs enemies when you have friends like this, if Yoda hasn’t said something to that effect, should have?!

    now before any fanatic Star Wars fans join this thread and threaten to Zap me with their light sabers or Death Stars, I am out


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