I Voted!

Here’s a quick post to honor today’s monumental election.

When I was 16, my boyfriend at the time, turned 18. He was carefree and nonchalant about voting. It was a midterm election year but I implored him to vote. I recall having an impactful discussion with him and crying tears of passion. How could he not vote? I made such a big deal of this that he registered the very next day and voted.

I also remember the first Presidential election in which I voted. I had just turned 18 and registered as a 17 year old, knowing that I’d be able to vote a couple weeks later. It was a huge day, as I believe it is our absolute civil duty to vote and express our sentiments politically. Voting was such an important issue to me that I eventually studied political science in college.

So today when I walked to my local polling place wearing white, I thought of the suffragette movement and the women who fought for my right to vote. As I was marking the ballot for Hillary Clinton and so many other women, I became tearful. It’s a miracle that we’ve just had an African American President and now I hope we will be honored to have a woman in the highest office in the United States.

I’m proud to live in a country where individuals can vote and there are not riots or martial law. We have such a big decision to make and I’m anxious to see what happens tomorrow.

I’m with her. I hope you are too.

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2 thoughts on “I Voted!

  1. I’m with her, too. I wore pearls today to show my support. 🙂 I’m dropping off my ballot after work… which was no easy feat to fill out. There were 42 propositions & measures alone!


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