Good Men Project and IndieGoGo

I was approached by a Good Men Project editor, Jeremy McKeen, around January 2016. We started talking about all sorts of topics I wasn’t having with anyone else. We were emailing about love, relationships, passion, balancing time and dating in cities. Jeremy believed in me and encouraged me to submit my writing to GMP. Nervously, I did, and he was gracious to edit some of it and help me make improvements.

I became a columnist a few months later, and I’ve been excited each and every time GMP has published my work. Through GMP, I’ve met the Publisher, Lisa Hickey and many other excellent writers. Additionally, I was recently asked to co-lead (with the one and only Jackie Summers) an actual conversation about Sex & Love. Now imagine being a guest on a live podcast on Monday nights, I participate with some amazing people who also like to think and talk about this topic. We’ve covered things like codependency, unrequited love, fighting fairly and many other interesting themes that leave lots of room for discussion.
I urge you to donate whatever you can to help grow the reach of the calls, or other themed calls GMP produces, as long with spreading the love for other writers.. Here is the link:

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