Love At Any Age

“I never expected to feel this loved and happy.” -Darlene

Darlene, my new friend at the gym, is 83-years young. We see each other in passing in the locker room as I get ready for my workday and she places her cashmere sweaters in the locker. We haven’t known each other long, but we’ve had some beautiful conversations in passing.

She told me that her husband died a decade ago and she was okay doing her own thing.

Then, her daughter convinced her to write an online dating profile. After getting messages from men “all over the world” (admittedly, she’s quite a catch), one particular man caught her attention. His wife had left him twenty-five years prior because she realized she was interested in women.

They arranged a lunch date and realized their daughters knew each other. From then on, they became inseparable.

Darlene says that he’s addicted to two things: cashmere and ethnic food. She’s comfortable with these addictions as they add so much to her life. She tells me that she didn’t expect to feel this loved ever, or at least, not since she left her parents’ home.

Her advice: “you don’t need papers to prove love….actually, at your age, maybe you do!”

Seeing Darlene is a special treat in the mornings. She is a beacon of positivity and hope. She radiates true happiness. It occurs to me that I don’t even see her age, I see pure joy.

As I look around the gym, I see many other women who are well over 75. They have graying hair and wear one-piece bathing suits with skirts. They’re not rushed to get anywhere and seem pleased with being here now. It’s a noticeable difference from looking around at the women who are on strict timetables (I’m one of them right now).

The older women look so much more peaceful and happy. The younger women all seem incredibly rushed with their faces pulled tightly. I don’t get to have conversations with them about happiness or love because they’re darting to their cars.

Darlene’s story makes a difference in my day. I love hearing about the laughs she and her boyfriend have. I love that she tells me these small details, which remind me that love strikes at all ages.

I’m ready.

Stay tuned for another upcoming post about my intentions for 2019. I would also love to help you set your intentions for the new year. Please reach out!

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* photo credit: open stock.

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