A Blessing For Joy Today

A Blessing for Joy Today

By Nina Rubin

May you shake out the cobwebs of your stiff muscles from being cooped up
May you blast some tunes and wiggle to the beats
May you face the sun and feel her bestowing warmth onto you
It’s times like these we peak out of our tortoise shells, stretch our necks and determine if we’re safe.

May you feel secure this week and may your ballot be counted
May you remember it’s Halloween.
Put on a costume for fun and then eat some chocolate, still just for fun
May you laugh heartily!
May you call a friend to tell a “knock, knock” joke

Even if there’s worry and fear, may you be reminded life hasn’t always been this way
It won’t always be this way.

Even today is different from yesterday 
May you notice a growing plant or a piece of nature in your home
May you make your bed or wash a dish and feel pleased with one small task accomplished.

May you smile. May you smile again. 

May you open yourself to joy for a moment.

I recently wrote about the ruts and routines we’re finding ourselves in now. You can now read the Testimonials of my current and past clients. As we finish the year, now might be a great time to start a coaching engagement. Please contact me.

Photo location: Momenti LA

Photographer: Jackie B Photo

2 thoughts on “A Blessing For Joy Today

  1. HI Nina!

    Thank you for this blessing for Joy today- I loved it. I also read the ruts and routines article you wrote- good job. Great photos of you too by the way!

    I was meaning to reach out to you- to let you know that I’m back at work shooting photos again. I’m doing this with safety and precautions- masks for all possible and social distancing too. I’ve done a couple of portrait shoots already and I even went to San Fran to shoot a house for Rachel Chulew! If you’re in need of any photos or know of anyone that is- please send them my way. And if there is any way I can be of support to you, please let me know. Oh- I’m in a great Toastmasters now too- and we’ve been virtual since March. If you have any interest in coming to a meeting let me know. We meet on Wednesdays at 11 a.m. via zoom.

    Also- check out my new website!


    Xo Corinne

    Corinne Cobabe Rushing corinnecobabe.com 5wisdomsproject.com (310) 927-3326



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