Election Day Musings

Here’s what America has become to me: a place that’s unequal, an embarrassment, a large chunk of land with prominent inequality. I’m worried that our US Blues are crying, the flag has been co-opted, and I’m skeptical everytime I see it flying in front of a house. 

The president boasted that he was going to Make America Great Again, and it’s only gotten worse. We’ve slid backwards. No longer do we lead in bleeding edge research and science, but bloodied bodies from blue-lined forces. When were we great? 

Our golden era is now sullied and rusty, the red of our flag mottled with trucker hats and energized Proud Boys who scare the shit out of me. 

I am fair, just, open, educated, and there’s no place for rational thinking here anymore. We’re intimidated and silenced; lies, deepfakes, deep Russian pockets foot the bill for tampering and fear. 

I don’t have anywhere else to move, as I’m a long-term American, whether I like it or not. This country was a source of pride before, but now I want to get out. 

Today is election day and I’m not sure what will happen tomorrow. Separate from finding out the results in a month or so, we have a shouting group of people who hold their heads high and boast violence, racism, and environmental detriment. We have a lot of mind-shifting to change, and I look at Germany and think about the societal damage that’s taken generations. With our entitlement and freedoms, I’m not sure we can ever recover. Here’s what America is to me: a place with a lot of necessary change.

Let’s get going.

* * *

Just look at her… that woman driving on PCH in Malibu in the white gas-guzzling Hummer with the red, white, and blue flags adhered to her car. Oh my god! She is wearing a red MAGA hat! Of course, she is blasting her horn and has a Trump banner flying off the back windshield. How can she support him? She’s smug and smiling and honking at me. I want to flip her off… 

But I don’t. I’m trying to acknowledge that everyone can express an opinion and cast a vote. 

I’m modest and discreet in my appreciation for Biden. I didn’t initially think of him as the best candidate. I wanted someone younger, more progressive and liberal, or less male and less white. But he’s who we have. He’s gotta be better. 

I wonder if people are saying “just look at her” when they talk about me sparkling in the desert or as I talk about the importance of democracy with clients. I’m kind of addicted to joy and fun and freedom. “Just look at her is what I live for.”  All eyes on me, don’t blink. 

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