Decide to Be Certain

No one can predict the tomorrow of a human being.

We move from abject poverty to opulent wealth on a spin of the heels, from apathy to spiritual heights through a sudden flash of inspiration.

We are creatures who know no bounds, with limitless power to be whatever we want.

We get stuck—but not from a shortage of power. We are tied down only by our delusions of who we are. From Chabad

On this Leap Day and Leap Year, I’m thinking about the concept of certainty. Recently, I’ve had the experience of feeling very hopeful and positive about the people in my life and the decisions I’m making. I wrote about making choices before, and I think certainty and choices go hand-in-hand. 

I’m embarking on a new chapter, one in which I’ve decided to be certain. You might wonder what that even means… Well, I believe certainty is as much about making the best decisions for yourself as it is realizing the decisions you’re making are wise and intuitive. In other words, stepping into choices fully and committing to see them through.


View from Topanga Canyon
We’re not alway sure about the security of our jobs, relationships, or health. I’ve had my share of anxiety about relationships and wondered what he’s doing when we’re not together. I’ve had moments when the job is precariously balancing on donations or paperwork (so I could keep my job). These feelings of worry turn from concern to full-blown panic if I let them. All too well, I know how my stomach cramps or my brain produces 1,000 racing thoughts a minute. The feeling is unbearable and yet I don’t know how to get out if it.

Lately I’ve stepped back and realized most everything in my life right now is happening because of the work I’ve put in over time. Both favorable and unpleasant, chance and luck have played a smaller role than effort. This means that as I increase effort, I manifest better things. So as I choose certainty, I’m deciding to be happier, more confident, and more open.

I’ve been reflecting on things I’m certain of for now:

  • Natural beauty in water, on the ground, and in the sky
  • My breath
  • My close friends and their ability to come through

This is a small list. It’s also my list of necessity, one that reminds me I’m almost certain of myself, my surroundings, and the people in my life. I don’t think I can ever be 100% certain, but damn close. I can sure decide and live as if.

Maybe you’ve had enough of being mistreated by a significant other or being manipulated by your boss. Maybe your relationship is not making you happy and you’ve been wishy washy about it. I encourage you to take a stand and really commit to certainty. I teach my clients to try something, anything, and decide to give it a real chance. Usually, mistakes can be repaired. It helps to move forward when you have something decisive you’re leaning toward. So go that way…

It’s the closeness to certainty that feels relieving and brings security. With that, I urge you to leap forward and decide something.

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